By the Numbers (Jan. 18)

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January 18, 2008

3:12 PM

**6 inches**
The average annual snowfall in Williamsburg.

p. **100 percent**
The percentage of children who said they did not like clowns, according to a survey of 250 four to 16 year-olds by researchers at the University of Sheffield in England.

p. **2 hours**
The amount of time it takes for “yellow crazy ants” to kill a crab by squirting acid at it. The ants were imported to Christmas Island a century ago and have recently halved the population of bright red crabs, threatening the species with extinction.

p. **7 percent**
The proportion of body heat lost through one’s head, which contradicts the often-heard myth that 75 percent of body heat is lost in that manner.

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