This Week in Flat Hat History (Feb. 5)

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February 5, 2008

1:13 AM

The men’s student body voted to create a judicial council to act over male students that were on probation. The council would have full authority to enforce probation rules, discipline violators and dismiss frequent violators.

p. **1963**
Round-trip European airfare was offered to members of the College for a summer tour with the sociology department. For $342.80, any College student or faculty member could go on the trip, which departed June 17 for London and returned to the United States Aug. 22.

p. **1975**
The quality, cleanliness and meat servings at the Caf were described as being worse than “poor” by a Student Assembly survey. None of the 11 categories covered in the survey managed to reach a “good” or “excellent” rating. A major complaint of students was the use of sodium nitrite, a suspected cause of cancer, in the meats prepared by the facility.

p. **1986**
A small explosion in a student dorm led campus police to the discovery of marijuana and assorted drug paraphernalia. The room’s occupants were sprinkling flash powder over a lit candle, which caused the explosion. The students were charged with possession of marijuana and illegal manufacture of fireworks.

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