Nichol, family at N.C. Beach

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February 19, 2008

10:11 AM

p. Former College President Gene Nichol has been keeping a low profile, and his communications have been scarce.

p. He said in an e-mail to The Flat Hat that he and his family have been at their North Carolina beach house, where he is staying out of the commotion that has overtaken campus since his resignation
a week ago.

p. He described his family’s state as “well, if still, brokenhearted.” He said that he has received approximately 3,000 e-mails from students, faculty and alumni.

p. “They have meant a great deal to us, but it’ll take a while to respond,” he said. “We’re beginning to prepare for the next phase of our lives.”

p. Nichol is expected to return to the College next week to gather his belongings.

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