Rojas/Ruzic win SA presidential election

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March 26, 2009

8:33 PM

The official results are in for the 2009 SA Elections. Here are the winners of the election:

Click below to see The Flat Hat’s full coverage of the SA presidential election:

Student Assembly President and Vice President:
**Sarah Rojas ’10 and Ryan Ruzic J.D. ’11 (59.23 percent)**
Horacio Carreño ’10 and Michael Douglass ’11 (38.61 percent)

**Class of 2010**

**Alyssa Wallace (71.14 percent)**
Ryan Eickel (25.72 percent)

Vice President for Advocacy
**Jessica Taubman (86.89 percent)**

Vice President for Social Affairs
**Laura Nelson (84.44 percent)**

**Ray Ciabattoni (88.61 percent)**

NONE (58.04 percent)

**Ross Gillingham (66.92 percent)**
**Jim Dunleavey (54.32 percent)**
**Steven Nelson (51.13 percent)**
Eric Newman (44.74 percent)*
Erik Houser (44.17 percent)*

*A runoff election will be held to determine the final senator from the class of 2010. The election will be held in the next week.

Class of 2011

**Michael Tsidulko (89.66 percent)**

Vice President for Advocacy
NONE (59.90 percent)

Vice President for Social Affairs
**Wayne Pearson (88.13 percent)**

**Chrissy Scott (88.34 percent)**

**Sahra Roble (87.62 percent)**

**Brittany Fallon (59.94 percent)**
**Ben Brown (54.89 percent)**
**Imad Matini (45.43 percent)**
**Juan Jorquera (39.27 percent)**
Mike Young (33.60 percent)
Russ Taylor (28.55 percent)
Ian Kirkpatrick (26.66 percent)
Kentaro Uzuki (14.35 percent)

Class of 2012

**Kobie Gordon (52.18 percent)**
Nicole Skarpness (46.27 percent)

Vice President for Advocacy
**Steph Kumah (55.34 percent)**
Allie Baeuchler (40.75 percent)

Vice President for Social Affairs
NONE (69.66 percent)

**Xiaoyu Gao (52.05 percent)**
KC Dang (44.01 percent)

**Stephanie McGuire (64.63 percent)**
Kasi Hartman (31.51 percent)

**Matt Schofield (55.16 percent)**
**Betty Jeanne Manning (52.90 percent)**
**Stef Felitto (52.62 percent)**
**Jill Olszewski (45.83 percent)**
Mateos Chekol (43.42 percent)
Carlos Quintela (28.85 percent)
Tom Flaherty (23.76 percent)
Stuart Shields (20.51 percent)


Collegiate Readership Program
**Yes (64.65 percent)**
No (34.95 percent)

Busch Field Artificial Turf
Yes (16.25 percent)
**No (83.36 percent)**

Intramural Field Irrigation System
Yes (28.24 percent)
**No (71.27 percent)**

The Onion Referendum
Yes (47.65 percent)
**No (51.97 percent)**

Reflection and Prayer Room
**Yes (63.26 percent)**
No (35.93 percent)

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