Athlete focus: Leah Zamesnik

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September 21, 2009

11:22 PM

The Flat Hat caught up with sophomore Leah Zamesnik. She started in 19 of 21 matches last season and is second on the team this year in points with seven.

On the Office:

That’s my favorite show; I’ve already seen the first episode twice. I’ve loved it since the beginning.

Guilty pleasure people would find nerdy:

I am a Disney Channel fan, especially Miley Cyrus. I love Hannah Montana.

Toughest part about playing on team:

I would have to say going from school mode to hockey mode. It’s tough when you just bombed a test and then you have to go run for a few hours.

On other sports on campus:

I like watching lacrosse and soccer. I room with two lacrosse players, Sally Roberts and Denise Lenihan.

Old or new campus:

Definitely old. It has prettier buildings.

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