Fall SA Elections Candidate List released

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September 22, 2009

12:03 AM

*Class of 2013*

David Alpert
Connor Bleakley
Jason Palmer

_Vice President for Advocacy_
Lauren Bayse
J.T. Cobb
Morgan Dyson
Jamar Jones

_Vice President for Social Affairs_
Dannie Angeles
Karly Fajardo
Ethan Golab
Jake Lewitz
Lemondre Watson

Hobbs Crockett
Ryan McManus

Tess DeAtley
Mirin Park

_Senator (4 positions available)_
Nick Colapinto
Alex Cooper
Justin Duke
Kim Green
Noah Kim
Curt Mills
Alex Sullivan
Daniel Velez

*Class of 2012*

_Vice President for Social Affairs_
Topher Fong
Abel Gachou
Jessica Pierson
Thomas Rogers
Samantha Sedivy

*Class of 2011*

_Vice President for Advocacy_
Chris Valeska
Erin Mee

*Class of 2010*

Mireille Sharp

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