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October 1, 2009

9:27 PM

The Flat Hat recently caught up with junior goalkeeper Grace Barnard and talked to her about snow, monsters and golf.

You’re from Syracuse, NY. Do you like the cold?

I love the cold. I love snow and we never get it here. It’s fun and it’s pretty; I go skiing, tubing, snow mobiling, that kind of stuff.

What is your nickname on the team?

Sully, from Monsters Inc. The big, blue guy. Yeah, that’s me.

How is your relationship with the other goalies on the team?

We have this saying between the goalkeepers, ‘Ducks fly together.’…I would say our relationship is pretty good. It’s a pretty funny group of people and we all get along pretty well.

If you could play another sport at the College what would it be?

I always say that I would have loved to have played golf. I love golf. I would always go with my cousin and my mom and we would golf all the time.

Your coach said goalies have to be a little crazy. Do you think that’s true?

[Laughs] I wouldn’t say you have to be crazy, but you definitely have an edge about yourself. It’s just something different.

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