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We can survive swine

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November 3, 2009

2:01 AM

Swine flu is here. And as it turns out, we still are, too. Based on how apocalyptic the reports were over the summer, it may come as a surprise to see the world still turning — with GDP growth returning, to boot. But even if swine flu did not amount to what it might have been, it is still quite the nuisance, and students would be wise to take all of the necessary precautions to ensure their health over the next few months.

This doesn’t have to require much. Just keep doing what you should be doing anyway during flu season. Mostly, that entails practicing good habits like washing your hands regularly and shying away from sharing drinks. And as H1N1 vaccinations become available on campus, take the time to get one. A little jab now can save you considerable trouble later.

We know you know this, but your mom feels better now that we’ve reminded you.

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