Williamsburg forms new town-gown relations task force

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January 22, 2010

1:21 AM

The College of William and Mary and the City of Williamsburg announced the creation of a new town-gown relations task force Friday. The task force hopes to build on the ongoing community dialogue that began last semester by the city’s focus group on rental housing.

“The [Williamsburg] Neighborhood Relations Committee will play a key role in enhancing our residential neighborhoods by bringing together representatives of all the appropriate groups for discussion and problem solving,” Williamsburg Mayor Jeanne Zeidler M.A. ’76 said in a statement. “This committee will be an important vehicle for sharing points of view, fostering understanding, and developing a shared vision toward which to work.”

The committee will be composed of five members: a university representative, a city representative, a student, a landlord and a neighborhood resident. The committee will meet monthly to discuss concerns, evaluate progress, and offer recommendations.

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