OU professor shatters student’s laptop

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February 23, 2010

11:29 PM

Think again before you take your laptop to a physics class. Kieran Mullen, a physics professor from Oklahoma University, decided to teach his students a lesson when he dipped one student’s laptop in liquid nitrogen.

“Well, it’s just liquid nitrogen. That won’t really damage it. But this will,” Mullen said as he proceeded to throw the laptop to the floor, causing it to shatter. “Don’t bring laptops and work on them in class! Have I made my point clear?”

Students were shocked at the usually considerate professor’s display. Little did they know it was a hoax, using a non-working computer, to dissuade students from bringing their laptops to class.

“It’s silly and ostentatious, but it’s memorable,” Mullen said. “I just hope it drives the point home that if you’re in class, you really need to be here.”

See the video of the carnage here.

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