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March 16, 2010

12:28 AM

For the first time since 1983, and for only the second time in the College’s history, the men’s basketball team was selected for a postseason tournament bid, receiving a no. 5 seed in the upcoming National Invitational Tournament. It’s a great achievement, coming off the heels of an excellent 22-10 regular season record, and is truly well-deserved. But, given the College’s commendable performance in the regular season, we’re disappointed that the College wasn’t given a chance to host its first postseason game.

Instead we’re slated to travel to play no. 4 seed North Carolina, resulting in a matchup that can’t help but seem backward. UNC was 16-16 overall this season, with a 1-2 record against ACC teams Wake Forest and Maryland. The Tribe went 2-0 against those same teams.

It’s an unfair matchup — one most likely based entirely on money — but there’s no use in complaining now. It’s a long trek to Chapel Hill, but once we’re there, let’s let our skill on the court speak for itself.

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