Student Assembly reviews massages, advocates student health


    Frank Taylor ’10 presented the results of the Free Massages During Finals Act, sponsored by Sen. Erin Mee ’11 last semester, to the College of William and Mary Student Assembly senate Tuesday.

    Students used the massage chairs 9,480 times throughout the free period. The chairs are not currently in Earl Gregg Swem Library, but they will return to the College following contract negotiations for installing chairs in the Sadler Center.

    Sen. Stef Felitto ’12 announced that Interim Dean of Libraries Bea Hardy is seeking to extend Swem’s operating hours to 24 hours, five days a week. Hardy declined to provide additional information.

    The Drunk Driving and Sexual Assault Prevention Act sponsored by Sen. Ryan Ruzic J.D. ’11 passed by unanimous consent. The bill will supply fliers for patrons of the delis providing them with contact information for safe rides, such as Alpha Phi Omega’s Campus Escort and Steer Clear, as well as sexual assault hot lines.

    Ruzic and Sen. Mike Young ’11 brought the Permanent Safety Assurance Act to the senate. This bill would grant funds to improve the lighting around three buildings — Morton Hall, Tyler Hall and Henry C. Wolf Law Library — which have had potential safety hazards identified. Ruzic and Young also proposed the Campus Safety Assurance Act, which would ensure that the Campus Safety walks would occur annually.

    Sen. Zach Marcus ’12 brought the Peter Pan Act to the senate. This bill states that the SA does not believe the Honor Council intentionally violates students’ rights and charges Marcus with continuing a dialogue with the council.

    Marcus proposed this bill after Honor Council Chair John Pothen ’11 told him that it was Pothen’s impression that “members of the Student Assembly thought that not only was the Honor Council the devil, but were actively attempting to make others think so, too.”

    Marcus also brought the Student Protection Act to the senate. The act requests the Dean of Students Office to cease providing information on the use of medical amnesty to those in the hiring process for Orientation Aide and Resident Assistant positions, and selections for study abroad programs. The bill does not go so far as to demand that records of use of medical amnesty be expunged by the Dean of Students Office.

    Felitto proposed the Keep Activities and Events Thriving Act, which clarifies SA code and adds a subsection. According to the bill, in the case of the Special Events and Activities Fund being depleted, funds would be replenished in increments of $500 from the Student Activities Reserve. Sen. Jake Lewitz ’13 and Sen. Dallen McNerney ’14 sponsored the Golf Cart Act, which would rent an extra golf cart for APO’s escort service for $1,200.