Peterson resigns as dean of undergraduate studies


    College of William and Mary Dean of Undergraduate Studies Sue Peterson announced her resignation, effective June 30 upon the completion of her second term.

    In a campus announcement Feb. 16, Dean of Arts and Sciences Carl Strikwerda announced Peterson’s intention to return to teaching.

    “This was never intended to be a career change for me,” Peterson said in an e-mail. “I’m a teacher and a scholar by training and temperament, and I’m looking forward to returning to my first loves.”

    As she wraps up her final semester as dean of undergraduate studies, Peterson said she enjoyed her time as dean.

    “[It’s] enormously rewarding to be able to help faculty get the resources they need to be great teachers and scholars and to help students deal with academic concerns and challenges,” Peterson said. “Second, I really love the people I work with — the other deans and the staff in the Dean’s Office, including the Office of Academic Advising and the Communications Office. Also the folks in the Registrar’s and the Dean of Students’ Offices. There are so many wonderful staff and administrators who work hard to support the students and faculty and make the College such a great place.”

    Peterson will be returning to her post as a professor in the College’s government department.

    “Since 2005, when I began working in the Dean’s Office, I’ve been able to teach only one class a year, so I am looking forward to getting back in the classroom full time,” she said.

    Prior to resuming her post in the government department, Peterson said she is eager to resume work on research projects she began prior to her position as dean.

    Among Peterson’s accomplishments are serving as chief transfer officer and contact dean for 11 departments.

    Strikwerda announced a search committee to find the next dean of undergraduate studies. The committee will include three faculty members, one contact dean and one administrative staff member. The faculty members will come from all three areas of Arts and Sciences. Additionally, incoming interim Dean of Arts and Sciences Gene Tracy will be active in the hiring process.


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