SA debates student renting website bill


    At the College of William and Mary’s Student Assembly meeting Tuesday, Sen. Michael Douglass ’11 sponsored a bill to create an informational website for students looking to rent in the Williamsburg area.

    The bill, called the Rate My Rental Act, aims to create a website that allows students who have lived off campus to supply information about their rental experience. The bill calls for a competition between students for the contract to construct the website. The senate Public Affairs Committee will judge entrants based on a rubric including the cost of the website, the website’s ability to effectively protect privacy, manage content and moderate the time needed to establish the website and the entrant’s previous experience. The winner will receive up to $3,000 to build the website.

    “This should provide information on the properties, the landlords, the neighborhoods and the facilities,” Douglass said.

    The bill was tabled pending further research.

    The senate passed Sen. Noah Kim’s ’13 Spending Transparency Act unanimously. This act charges the chair of the senate Finance Committee to detail the percentage of the consolidated reserve each spending bill will use.

    The SA also discussed a survey on The Roots performance at the Charter Day concert, which revealed that most of the respondents enjoyed the show.

    The student activities fee included in every student’s tuition may be increased slightly to accommodate funding for future large-scale Charter Day concerts.

    The SA received about $15,000 in revenue from ticket sales.

    The SA also discussed the possibility of raising ticket prices for students and non-students to generate more revenue from future shows, although AMP has previously stated its goal of keeping ticket prices below $10 for students to allow for greater student access to performances.