Senior class gift ramps up donations


    The College of William and Mary’s Senior Class Gift Committee is off to a record-setting start.

    As of Monday, the class of 2011 has donated $20,237.21. Approximately 32 percent of the class of 2011 has participated in the fundraising, a record percentage for this point in the calendar year. According to class of 2011 President Mike Tsidulko, the participation rate is an integral part of the Senior Class Gift.

    “Less than three months from now, each senior will complete the Senior Walk across campus and take a stride over the bricks that display the participation rate of every graduating class,” Tsidulko said. “That standing is literally set in stone.”

    Tsidulko said that this year’s Senior Class Gift will be more useful than a simple statue. Previous Senior Class Gifts include the phoenix seal across from the Crim Dell and the College Cemetery near Blow Memorial Hall. According to Tsidulko, students actually have the primary say as to where their individual donations will go.

    “Your gift will go wherever you designate it to go — whether it’s a specific student organization, an academic department, or financial aid,” he said.

    Members of the class of 2011 have responded to the fundraising drive with Senior Class Gift-sponsored Mug Nights at the Green Leafe Cafe, T-shirt giveaways and “iGive” photos posted on Facebook, which depict seniors holding signs saying what giving to the College means to them.

    The Senior Class Gift Committee is currently planning a wine and cheese event to be held in the Reves Room of the Wendy and Emery Reves Center for International Studies Thursday.

    While the committee has set a record pace, Tsidulko said that the committee could have done certain things better in trying to secure donations.

    “I think we made the mistake in our communications suggesting that amount given is more important than participation rate,” he said. “We could be doing a better job of explaining pledging to the Gift, that is, give the minimum amount of $10 and pledge the rest.”

    Returning from spring break, the goal is to emphasize that participation is the first priority.

    “I don’t care about total money amount raised-that will be important at our 50-year reunion,” Tsidulko said.


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