SA releases proposed fiscal budget


    The Student Assembly released its proposed budget for the 2011-2012 school year last night.

    The proposed budget totals $626,899, requiring an estimated $93 per student, dispersed through the student activity fee.

    This projection is based on the SA’s estimated population of 6,750 students.

    “I am satisfied with the current version of the budget,” Sen. Noah Kim ’13 said in an e-mail. “The current version of the budget is fair to student organizations while keeping the Student Activities Fee low, despite some substantial new requests this year. This was very much my goal this year, and I believe the current version of the budget meets that goal.”

    Outside of operation fees, the largest segments of the budget include the Student Publications Council, AMP, SA and Steer Clear, approved for $149,957, $137,000, $37,305 and $14,526, respectively.

    Kim said the senate will be holding appeals hearings and discussing any amendments to the budget over the next few days. Following the hearings, the budget will go to the senate floor for up to two weeks, before being sent to SA President Chrissy Scott ’11. Final approval will be made by the College of William and Mary’s Board of Visitors.


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