College Delly reopens following extensive renovations


    The College Delly reopened Feb. 27 under the same name, but with a new atmosphere.

    The family owned business came under new management approximately one month ago when its original owners offered George Tsipas, owner of Paul’s Deli, ownership of the Delly.

    “We did two months of construction and renovation in less than three weeks,” Tsipas said. “The construction beat us up.”

    The renovation included the addition of a non-smoking patio, new paint, new patio furniture, new roof tiling and an expanded menu.

    “Students who have come into the Delly once it reopened had been mostly shocked by the renovation,” Tsipas said.

    Tsipas noted that the lack of renovation at the Delly over the years has prevented customers from enjoying more of the restaurant.

    “The Delly has been known for just drinking, but we have made changes to make it more of a full-dining experience,” Tsipas said.

    According to Tsipas, people are eating at the Delly more than ever before. In addition to sandwiches, the menu now includes pastas, salads and seafood. Tsipas said the College Delly is known for its sandwiches, a staple he wanted to keep intact.

    Another staple Tsipas retained was the Delly’s name.

    “The student reaction to changing the name of the College Delly was so great that we decided against it.
    Plus, we wanted to keep that tradition of the College Delly,” Tsipas said.

    The Delly has been in operation since 1969 and was originally called the Gas Station.

    Tsipas said he is not planning any further changes to the Delly.


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