Knowing your rights


    This week, the Student Assembly, Young Democrats and College Republicans have joined together to host a week of events constructed to help students better understand the rights they have here at the College of William and Mary and in the City of Williamsburg. More specifically, the goal of these campus-wide events is to inform students about regulations of which they may not be aware and to help students understand the consequences of violating the law.

    These events, most of which are set-up as forums, will touch on issues such as the College’s drug, alcohol and sexual harassment policies. Sanctions against those found responsible for such violations will also be discussed. It is not only important for students to be informed about the conduct code, but to also know the possible repercussions for violations. Better knowledge of the code may help prevent future violations, and knowing the consequences could also be a deterrent for unsafe or foolish actions. Students should also understand what happens when a student is accused of a violation, including what resources are available, what hearing options are accessible and how the process fits in with the College’s community of trust.

    Discussions will also focus on laws in the City of Williamsburg. Many students live off campus, and this week provides a chance for them to learn the city’s laws, which sometimes differ from College policy. It is important to realize that a violation of Williamsburg law is a criminal offense.

    We urge students to attend these events and to become informed about their communities’ laws. It is a chance to learn about the values most important to the College and Williamsburg area. It is a chance for students to understand why some regulations exist and what their rights are while living here at the College and in the surrounding community.


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