Open Letter to President Reveley: Fight for fair wages


    For the past ten years, workers at the College of William and Mary have been speaking out about the poverty [-level] wages they receive. Last semester, students and workers formed the Living Wage Coalition, which is made up of student organizations, professors, community organizations, faith-based organizations, local unions and other supporters who are committed to fighting for fair wages on our campus. Although students and workers have met with the administration numerous times and delivered letters and petitions in support of living wages signed by hundreds of students and community members, the school has failed to take meaningful steps towards implementing a living wage. The reality is that many workers at our College must work two or three jobs, and still struggle to make ends meet and support their families. There is no excuse for the College to pay its employees anything less than what it costs to live in 21st century America. The value of community is a core principle at the College, and we ask that the administration honor this value by implementing living wages for all workers at the College, which will allow them to afford food, childcare, housing, transportation and health care. As our coalition continues to grow and gather support, we formally and publicly ask you to lead the administration in prioritizing workers and addressing poverty on our campus by re-visiting the budget and taking meaningful action towards implementing living wages for all of our workers.