Fresh start for SA


    Congratulations to the newly elected senators of the 2011-2012 school year. We look forward to their new ideas and proposals, and we wish them the best in their efforts to better the College of William and Mary for all students. But, we want to ask the new senators to use their position of power to eliminate some of the growing problems in the SA.

    We want the senators understand that positions are vital to this campus, specifically when it comes to finances. The reserve funds of the SA will be mostly depleted by the end of this semester. The senate controls so much money that could go toward the students in a more efficient and better way. They must use it wisely.

    In recent years, the senate has also been filled with individuals looking to serve their own interests, instead of those of the students on campus — the purpose of the entire SA. The students voted the senators into the SA. The senators should remember this fact when it comes to drafting bills and should focus on the substance of the bills, rather than petty politics and pursuing their own agendas. Frankly, we don’t care who passes the most bills; we care about what is being done to better the school. Students look at the senate collectively, not individually.

    Senators have the ability to change student perception of the SA. We urge the senators to take advantage of this and truly make a difference at the College. Please remember we voted for you. Leave your ego at the door when accepting the responsibilities of being an SA senator.