Cheers and Jeers


    It’s the end of the year, and as we celebrate the feeling of renewed freedom from our academic lives, we would like to take a moment and reflect on the 2010-2011 school year with our annual cheers and jeers.

    Cheers to the Living Wage Coalition for bringing attention to the need for living wages at the College of William and Mary. Jeers to their heavy-handed tactics and tendency to alienate students on campus.

    Cheers to the College for taking action to create new housing for students. Jeers to the College for privileging some students over others.

    Cheers to the review board for overturning the decision to suspend Kaveh Sadeghian ’12 and Molly Bullman’s ’12 campaign. Jeers to poor decision making by student leaders in the first place.

    Cheers to the Board of Visitors for electing a new rector, Jeffery Tramell ’73. Jeers to the BOV for raising tuition two semesters in a row.

    Cheers to the College for finishing Tribe Square so quickly. Jeers to the College for still needing to find funding for Integrated Science Center 3.

    Cheers to the Tribe football team for receiving its first No. 1 ranking. Jeers to the team for losing in the first round of playoffs.

    Cheers to College President Taylor Reveley for creating the Honor Council Reform Committee. Jeers to the committee for not actually resolving anything this year.

    Cheers to AMP for bringing entertaining acts and speakers to the College this year, and in so doing, fulfilling every TWAMP’s dream of hearing Bill Nye speak.

    Cheers to the two College teams that won top honors in the Virginia Congressional redistricting contest. Jeers to the state legislature for turning their down plans in favor of a partisan plan ultimately vetoed by Gov. Bob McDonnell.

    Cheers to the City of Williamsburg for creating an arts district in an attempt to enliven the city’s culture. Jeers to the continuing presence of the three-person rule (now the four-person rule).

    Cheers to 1st Lt. Todd Weaver ’08 for his brave sacrifice for our country. Jeers to members of the Westboro Baptist Church for protesting at funderals for the men and women of the armed forces based on a platform of hatred and bigotry.

    Cheers to alumni in high places. Jeers to the BOV for selecting less-than-stellar commencement speakers given our accomplished alumni.

    Cheers to students for supporting gender-neutral housing.

    Cheers to President Barack Obama for almost coming to Colonial Williamsburg. Jeers to Glenn Beck for actually coming.


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