Eight figures you need to know


    1. Reveley
    Most colleges have a reliable, steadfast president who will steer the budget, endowment and direction of the institution toward a stable and fruitful tomorrow. In College of William and Mary President Taylor Reveley, we not only have most of those things, but also an immensely quotable grandfatherly figure. With an unabated romantic attachment to the English language, the man has a distinct Sesquipedalian loquaciousness that has yet to shy away from public intonation on the values of a liberal arts education. In short, the man is engaging, but constantly and hilariously quotable with his succulent bits of diction. Whether you’re interested in the finer points of war powers law, or Reveley’s propensity to spawn Facebook groups like no other college president, the president of the College never fails to interest William and Mary students.
    —Walter Hickey

    2. Squirrels
    You’ll hear plenty about the W&M squirrels (one even has a Facebook page as a public figure). However, nothing can quite prepare you for actually encountering one of them: these little animals have big personalities. These mighty tree mice have been known to hoist food items equivalent to their body weight. They are also the least shy “wild animals” you will ever meet. — Sarah Stubbs

    3. Cider Cups
    Nothing tastes better during cool weather than warm cider, and warm cider never tastes better than when it’s free. Official Colonial Williamsburg mugs purchased for $10 at a small stand about halfway down DoG street come with free refills for an entire calendar year. Mugs are also available at the Kimble Theater concessions stand, Shield’s Tavern, Raleigh Tavern Bakery, Chownings Tavern or the Visitor’s Center. — Sarah Stubbs

    4. Wawa
    Coffee, cookies and chips galore! Located across the street from Blow Memorial Hall, Wawa has served the hardworking students of the College for years. This food and drink emporium, interestingly named after the American Indian word for “goose,” offers an inexpensive menu of flatbread sandwiches, chicken tenders and their specialty “hot to-go bowls” at all hours of the day. At midnight, join fellow pajama-clad night owls in their quest to satisfy early-morning cravings for milkshakes and mac-n-cheese. With its constant flow of customers, including the occasional presence of a costumed colonial, Wawa is certainly the hub of the College’s off-campus cuisine. — Kyra Zemanick

    5. Greek Life
    Whether partying at the units on a Friday night or playing Campus Golf on a Saturday morning, Greek life plays a huge role in campus social life. There are 17 fraternities and 10 sororities operating on campus. Scattered between the units, Ludwell and off campus, the fraternities offer a consistent party scene on very day of every weekend. Some have taken to operating shuttles between campus and their fraternity locations. The sororities are based in Sorority Court and initiate the rush process before classes start. Each Greek organization hosts a philanthropic event at least once a year. The most notable remains Kappa Delta’s Campus Golf, a yearly staple in which students register in groups and dress in outlandish outfits to “golf” in benefit of Avalon Womens’ Shelters.— Walter Hickey

    6. Ginger Ambler
    Occasionally, people may get swine flu, lose their possessions, or get stabbed at this institution of higher learning. It’s an unfortunate reality. When something goes wrong, the College needs a strong, comforting voice to opine on the matter and grant the college closure. Preferably, this person should have a access to a listserv of every student’s email. That person is Ginger Ambler. The Dean of Student Affairs, Ambler is tasked with informing, consoling and inspiring the student body toward action in times of crisis as well as times of slight distress. —Walter Hickey

    7. Kaveh
    Student Assembly President Weekly emails will bear the tongue-twister last name of the current SA President. Kaveh Sadeghian ’12 is a marketing and public health double major who participates in SOMOS, SASA, the Diversity Committee of the College and even the Dance Marathon. With a hand in nearly every activity on campus, Sadeghian remains a memorable name at the College. Sadeghian served as the vice president last year, creating the first paperless student activities fee submission process and a new website for the Student Assembly. He won the election for SA President by 56 percent of the vote in March. — Katherine Chiglinsky and Katie Demeria

    8. Secret Societies
    While the details are, justifiably, rather sketchy, there are a number of secret societies (allegedly) operating within the campus community. The Sevens, the Flat Hat Club, the Thirteens, the Cats and the Spades are some known examples of the secretive organizations operating within the campus community. Details of their memberships are closely guarded, but their antics are often observed on campus on bulletin boards, the Crim Dell Bridge, and especially on Gate Night, the evening before Halloween. While details are vague, the groups are nonetheless active and remain a significant, shadowy part of the campus community. — Walter Hickey


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