Weaver released after bond posted


    A College of William and Mary student charged with rape was released after his $25,000 bond was posted.

    Per the bond ruling by Judge Colleen K. Killilea, Jeffery Weaver ’13, will only be allowed on campus for the purposes of attending classes at the Mason School of Business and Washington Hall while he awaits arraignment in late December.

    Director of University Relations Brian Whitson, however, would not say whether or not Weaver would be allowed to return to the school, adding that the College has its own process for dealing with such matters.

    The 27-year-old was arrested Monday after allegedly raping a female student at the College. At his bond hearing Tuesday, Weaver, who lives off campus and enrolled at the College after spending six years in the military, told Killilea that he had no reason to see the alleged victim again if he was released.

    “I’m unsure exactly of who she is,” Weaver said over video-conference from Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail, where he was being held. “[I don’t know her] in terms of first and last name. I know what she looks like.”

    The alleged incident took place inside the woman’s dorm room during the early hours of Saturday morning.

    According to the criminal complaint, the female student told the police that she and Weaver walked from the College Deli to her dorm room at around 1:45 a.m. Saturday. When they arrived, she said, the two spent time kissing before she asked Weaver to leave.

    “She stated that is all she wanted to do, was kiss, and she asked him to leave and he would not get off of her,” the complaint reads.

    According to the report, she said that Weaver physically overpowered and raped her, then left.

    Weaver’s lawyer seemed to be preparing to launch a defense that any interaction was consensual.
    The issue of who provided a condom was brought up before an objection by prosecutors was sustained. The female student told police that Weaver, who was barred by Killilea from traveling near the alleged victim’s dorm, put the condom on, but she later recovered it. Police officers collected the condom, as well as the clothes she had on at the time, as evidence.

    Weaver was identified by his Busch Gardens pass, which the female gave to the officer who met her at the hospital.