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October 20, 2011

11:36 PM

In a meeting Tuesday night, the Student Assembly voted against the Water Filter Act and moved forward to introduce the new freshman senators to SA policy.

The Water Filter Act, introduced by Senator John Woo ’14, would have allocated finances from the Student Activities Reserve for the purchase and installation of water filtration devices in units A, B, F, G, J and M.

Senator Grace Colby ’13 voiced concerns about the longevity and usefulness of the act, as the units are involved in the 2012 Fraternity Housing project. Additional concerns included the act’s possible conflict of interest.

“This seems to be very focused on those who live in the fraternities,” Senator Mike Wagner ’14 said.

Woo assured the senate that the independent units are currently forming a similar act.

Other senators spoke in favor of the act, saying it would directly serve the students.

“This is my second year living in the units, and the water is really disgusting. There are people who will benefit from this and are really excited,” Senator Tyler Johnson ’13 said.

“This is an entirely student-driven initiative,” Woo said. “This is what [the residents] want. We are serving those students’ interests.”

The senate ultimately voted 8-10 against the Water Filter Act.

Next, Colby introduced the Socioeconomic Fund Act, which opened a bank account for a yearly $2000 need-based scholarship awarded by the executive branch of the SA.

The senate voted 16-2 in favor of the act. The executive branch is in charge of raising funds for the scholarship.

Lastly, Senate Chair Noah Kim ’13 introduced the Show Your Homecoming Spirit Act. The act allocated $300.75 to make Homecoming buttons for the festivities this weekend. The senate approved the act by unanimous consent during the meeting.

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