Student Assembly funds I AM W&M concert


The Student Assembly senate unanimously voted to allocate $40,000 to the I AM W&M week concert. The funds will partially cover the artist’s fee and will continue working toward the SA’s goal of bringing more big name performers to the College of William and Mary. The senate entered a closed debate to discuss the name of the artist.

This allocation marks a significant increase in funds in comparison to last year’s concert initiatives. Approximately $7,000 was allocated to bring TED speaker Sarah Kay to the I AM W&M week festivities last year, $1,500 of which was allocated from the senate. Also, $30,000 was allocated for last year’s WCWM Fest Concert through senate initiatives.

Following this act, the Senate unanimously approved The Housekeeping Act. The Executive Spending Limitation section of the Code of the SA expires yearly and requires the re-approval of the SA senate.

This year, changes were made to the Executive Spending Limitation. The Housekeeping Act eliminated the Account Transparency and Reporting section of the code. This required the account to have online banking with the ability to view the copy of each scanned check.

“It’s actually a mandate that could not be fulfilled with our current provider,” SA President Curt Mills ’13 said. “The student assembly president can’t have a card, and because the student assembly president can’t have a card, we don’t have access to online banking … that’s one of the reasons that was eliminated.”

The Special Event Funding and Conference Funding section was amended to increase the maximum amount that can be spent from the off-campus account without pre-approval by the SA president and the senate Finance Committee from $200 to $250. These funds would be used for expenses such as printing costs, office supplies, T shirts, get out the vote efforts and website costs.

“This just allows us a little more flexibility,” Mills said.

The act details two additional changes including the elimination of the section about the use of online account tracking with the off-campus account.

In an email Wednesday sent through the senate listserv, Kendall Lorenzen ’15 announced that SA senate committee assignments would be changing due to personal issues.

“I feel making these changes to the composition of committees will resolve these [personal] issues,” Lorenzen said in the email. “I firmly believe this is what is best for [the] Senate at the time.”

Senator A.J. Sapon ’13 moved from the Policy Committee, which he formerly chaired, to the Student Life Committee and Senator Colin Danly ’15 moved from the Outreach Committee to the Policy Committee. The Policy Committee will select a new chair at Sunday’s meeting.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Senator Steven Lovern ’13 introduced the Swem Snacks Bill, which would provide healthy snacks to students on Sunday evenings beginning at 9:00 p.m. According to the bill’s language, this initiative would promote multiple Tribe Choices including healthy snacking and strong study habits.

“On Sunday nights starting at 9:00 until 9:30 or until the food runs out,” Lovern said. “We want to give students the option for healthy snacking.”

The bill allocates $83 a week for purchasing healthy snacks, small plates and napkins. According to Lovern, all leftover funds will be returned to the SA. This healthy snack option will not continue into the exam period since snacks are already provided at this time.

Lorenzen assigned the bill to the Outreach, the Finance and the Student Life committees.

The senate unanimously approved Sean Youn ’15 to the Appeals Committee as well.


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