Obama wins the City of Williamsburg

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November 6, 2012

10:37 PM

Barack Obama won Williamsburg City with 63.30 percent of the vote. Obama received 4,901 votes, Mitt Romney received 2678 votes (34.59 percent), Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party received 15 votes (0.19% percent), Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party received 98 votes (1.27 percent) and Jill Stein of the Green Party received 30 votes (0.39 percent) with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

The city of Williamsburg is comprised of two voting precincts. The Berkley Precinct polls at the Williamsburg United Methodist Church on Jamestown Road, and contains nearly all of the College of William and Mary’s campus, as well as neighborhoods south of Jamestown Road. The Stryker Precinct polls at the Williamsburg Community Building located at 401 North Boundary Street, and consists of the Eastern half of Williamsburg.

The Berkley Precinct cast 2,352 for Barack Obama, 1,230 for Mitt Romney, 4 for Virgil Goode, 56 for Gary Johnson and 19 for Jill Stein. There were 13 write in votes for a total of 3,674 votes.

The Stryker Precinct cast 2,089 votes for Barack Obama, 1,027 votes for Mitt Romney, 10 votes for Virgil Goode, 39 for Gary Johnson and 8 for Jill Stein. There were 7 write in candidates for a total of 3,180.

There were 460 absentee votes for Barack Obama, 421 for Mitt Romney, 1 for Virgil Goode, 3 for Gary Johnson and 3 for Jill Stein. There were a total of 888 absentee voters in the City of Williamsburg,

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