BOV Alumni Relations: Possible online opportunities announced


Director of Alumni Engagement Kelly Holdcraft spoke about possible new initiatives to connect with alumni through career-based initiatives at the Board of Visitors’ Committee on Alumni Relations meeting Thursday.

She explained to the committee the need to engage with alumni on a professional level, especially through services that allow the Alumni Association to connect with alumni online.

The possible new website will help connect College alumni who serve as vetted career coaches with other alumni and students, similar to a program used at Duke University. The coaches would be selected from different fields of work. As part of the service, the coaches would offer other alumni from the College a discounted price for their services.

In addition to this new career-coaching program, the website would allow the Alumni Association to host a series of webinars about various careers. The webinars would include small Google+ hangout sessions where alumni and students taking the courses will have a chance to talk with one another in a smaller setting that reflects the small class sizes that the College prides itself on maintaining.

The committee also emphasized other outreach efforts by Alumni Relations. This year, the group plans to coordinate and host 22 Yule Log ceremonies all over the country so that alumni can still participate in the campus tradition. They plan to continue spreading campus traditions by sending out “parties-in-a-box” to alumni chapters to celebrate Charter Day.

Earlier this year, the group also hosted ten Homecoming Game watch parties around the world, including a watch party in London.