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Rep. Luria conducts virtual town hall with College students

Wednesday, Oct. 14, Rep. Elaine Luria engaged students in a virtual conversation regarding her reelection to the House of Representatives. In the event hosted...

College reinstates cut women’s varsity teams

In an Oct. 19 press statement, the College of William and Mary announced the reinstatement of three women’s varsity sports teams that had previously...

College should alter student fees amid unusual semester

The College of William and Mary made a bold move by choosing to open for the fall 2020 semester. While an accelerated opening for...

College announces spring 2021 semester schedule, plans modified breaks

The College of William and Mary announced its plans for the 2021 spring semester Oct. 22. According to an email sent to students, staff...

Penne for your Thoughts: Feeling Eggstitential Anguish

FOUR 'EGG'STRAVAGANT STRATEGIES TO AVOID RUSHED BREAKFAST SCRAMBLES, HATCH DELICIOUS MEALS What came first, the chicken or the egg? I don’t care because we’re talking...