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Community: See you Later, hot-but-totally-annoying Stats professor!

Posted On: March 19, 2010

I breathed a sigh of relief after about 4 minutes of this episode, when we found out that [...]

Community: Back in the swing of things (no pun intended)

Posted On: March 19, 2010

This episode of “Community” was funny from beginning to end. Let me repeat: this episode of “Community” was funny [...]

30 Rock: the way a cameo SHOULD be

Posted On: March 19, 2010

In short — and per usual — this episode of “30 Rock” was flawless. So I’m just [...]

Lost: ‘Recon’-nections are made

Posted On: March 18, 2010

So what exactly does it take to turn a nine-year-old boy whose father killed his mother because of [...]

Grey’s Anatomy: Endings and new beginnings

Posted On: March 16, 2010

I'm so proud of Meredith and Derek these days. Derek's a good chief, making good decisions and being [...]

Lost: The poem’s the thing

Posted On: March 15, 2010

I apologize for the tardiness of the post this week. I was off on islands of my own [...]

Lost: Tipping the scale

Posted On: March 05, 2010

“You said that there is still good in your soul. Then prove it.” Sayid has spent his entire life [...]

Lost: Here comes the man in black

Posted On: February 28, 2010

This week’s flash-sideways focused on Jack (finally!) and his relationship with his son. Yes, in this other timeline, [...]

30 Rock: You’re making it difficult for me again

Posted On: February 17, 2010

Valentine’s Day is an easy target for comedy. I mean, look at the recent movie that just came [...]

Community: I still don’t know about that stats professor

Posted On: February 17, 2010

This week’s “Community” episode was a solid B+, I’d say. It had mostly great elements with a few [...]