Grey’s Anatomy: Endings and new beginnings

I’m so proud of Meredith and Derek these days. Derek’s a good chief, making good decisions and being friendly even though he has to put up with Richard’s shit. Side note: Derek was always so respectful and so friendly when Richard was chief, but now that Derek’s chief, Richard is about as mature as a 10-year-old boy.

And Meredith has Cristina’s back. I was glad Meredith had that “team” conversation with Hunt, because honestly the Meredith-Cristina bond is the best part of the show. Even if I’m the only one who loves Meredith, everyone loves Cristina, and Hunt should be careful about messing with her.

But I’m not so sure about Bailey’s new guy. Sure, she deserves someone amazing, but I’m always suspicious when the black woman gets with the black man. Grey’s has never been shy about interracial relationships (Cristina-Burke, Arizona-Callie, Richard-Ellis) and frankly I don’t understand what Bailey and what’s-his-face have in common except for their race. She seems much older and more mature than him.

I’m still holding out hope for Lexie and McSteamy!


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