Police Beat (Nov. 14 – Dec. 1, 2006)

    Tuesday, Nov. 14 — Two projectors were suspected stolen, one from the University Center and one from the Campus Center. Each was worth approximately $800.

    — A caller from Jones Hall reported that a computer monitor had been stolen from room 240 of Morton Hall. Police estimated the value of the monitor to be $400.
    — A student reported that his bike was stolen from Unit L. It was worth approximately $20.
    Wednesday, Nov. 15 — A student was taken into custody for shoplifting $144.55 worth of merchandise from Barnes and Noble and the Wythe Candy Store. Police reported that the suspect’s mental health was “questionable.”
    — Police received a noise complaint from the second floor of Swem Library. Police found no disturbances.
    Saturday, Nov. 18 — A student reported the possible theft of her digital camera from her room in Yates Hall. She also reported that $1 plus change was missing from her purse.
    — Students were caught while allegedly attempting to steal signs near the Alumni House. One student was detained while the others, dressed in dark clothing, fled down Richmond Road in opposite directions. The detained student was taken to the regional jail and charged with grand larceny.
    Sunday, Nov. 19 — A student in Landrum reported receiving an obscene and annoying phone call. The call concerned “a conversation about males and females,” according to the police report.
    Monday, Nov. 20 — A student reported that a card reader on Jefferson Hall had been vandalized. An officer determined that damages were approximately $100.
    — A student reported that her purse had been stolen and then returned without many of its contents. Her ID case, keys, a Florida drivers license and a debit card were among the missing items.
    — A student in Yates Hall reported that an iPod and case worth $340 had been stolen from her room.
    Tuesday, Nov. 21 — The son of a staff member reported that his laptop, worth approximately $1,000, had been stolen from the third floor of Tucker Hall.
    — A rock was reportedly thrown through a window of Yates Hall, and damages were estimated at $300.
    Thursday, Nov. 23 — An officer found spray paint on a power box next to phone E-34, by the tennis courts.
    Monday, Nov. 27 — A window and the bottom pane of the door connecting Chandler and Landrum Halls were broken. The bottom pane appeared to have punched in and no objects that could have caused the damage were found in the area. A carpenter was called in to repair the door.
    — A staff member reported that hand tools worth approximately $1,010 had been stolen from the trunk of his work van while it was parked in the William and Mary Hall parking lot.
    — An RA in Gooch third Lower reported that a window had been vandalized. Police estimated the damage at $75.

    —Compiled by Maxim Lott


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