Police Beat (Nov. 28 – Dec. 4, 2006)

    Tuesday, Nov. 28 — Commons Dining Hall staff reported finding a van in the woods behind Busch Field that had not been there before Thanksgiving break. Police determined that the van belonged to the Athletics Department, who said they had known of its loss for several days but had not yet reported it.

    Wednesday, Nov. 29 — A student reported that her unlocked bicycle, worth approximately $100, had been stolen while she was eating at the Commons.
    — A student reported that an unlocked bike worth $200 had been stolen from the Rec Center. Police searched the area, but did not find the bike.
    Thursday, Nov. 30 — A male student was taken into custody near Zable Stadium. He was issued a summons for being drunk in public and for underage possession.
    Friday, Dec. 1 — Two students were arrested on Alumni Drive and taken to the regional jail for being drunk in public and underage possession.
    — A student on Armistead Ave. reported the theft of his or her unregistered bicycle and iPod. The student did not meet police after calling.
    — Students reported that two musical instruments were missing from Ewell Hall that were worth $7,000 collectively.
    Saturday, Dec. 2 — A caller reported that somebody was breaking glass bottles on Landrum Drive. The suspect was gone by the time police arrived.
    — Officers spoke to students on Armistead Ave. about excessive noise.
    — A caller on Jamestown Road told police about excessive noise from students on Rolfe Road. The suspects were gone by the time police arrived.
    — Four skateboarders, who appeared to be high school students, were seen between Dinwiddie and Gooch. They were gone when police arrived. The event was recorded as a trespass violation.
    — Police investigated three female students near the sundial on new campus. One was arrested for being drunk in public and underage possession, then taken to the regional jail.
    Sunday, Dec. 3 — A person came to the College Police Department to report a stolen cell phone. The Sprint phone was silver and was thought to have been lost near Unit L.
    — Students in Swem study room 327 reported that people in the adjacent study room were being “ridiculously noisy.” They said they had tried asking the students in the other room to quiet down, to no avail. A police officer was sent to the scene.
    Monday, Dec 4 — A student reported receiving a strange phone call. It was neither threatening nor obscene.
    — compiled by Maxim Lott


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