Hollywood Gossip

    p. Bend it like Ozzy?
    English Soccer hunk David Beckham and his former-Spice Girl wife may be looking to spice up their lives: Ozzy Osbourne style. The couple is moving to Los Angeles, with Beckham having signed a multi-million dollar deal with the L.A. Galaxy soccer team. If the Beckhams accept a recent offer, cameras may show it all as they adjust to American life. Like the reality show “The Osbournes,” the tentatively titled “Living With the Beckhams,” will help the two Brits gain fame in America.

    p. Jessica: Justified?
    A few weeks after ending his relationship with Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake can’t seem to get enough of Jessica Biel. The two are in 7th Heaven, having spent hours together at Prince’s Golden Globe party. Though it may just be an illusion, it seems there’s something about Justin and Jessica, especially after Biel flew to the Sundance Film Festival to be with Timberlake. Perhaps Diaz, who has confronted Timberlake about his new relationship, wishes she were still in Biel’s shoes.

    p. Abdul, out?
    Will Courtney Love, named ““the most controversial woman in the history of rock,” by Rolling Stone, soon become American Idol’s biggest controversy? Love launched rumors that Idol is looking to replace Paula Abdul, saying that executive producer Nigel Lythgoe called her. “He was wondering if I was interested. I thought it was kind of weird but brilliant,” Love told USMagazine.com. With Abdul’s drug use in question, Love seems a fitting replacement, ensuring the controversies will continue.

    p. Tabloid Talk: Tubby Tyra
    Tyra Banks was shocked by tabloid headlines mocking her slightly fuller frame. Having gained 30 pounds since her runway days, the 33-year-old stands behind her healthier physique. Though tabloids captured unflattering pictures of her on holiday in Sydney, Australia last month, Banks insists that it was simply a poor angle. In fact, the talk show host intends to host another “reveal” show as she did last year, featuring her in the bathing suit from her holiday snapshots.


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