News in Brief (Feb. 2)

    New e-mail addresses will have different format

    Starting March 1, all new College e-mail addresses and usernames will have a new format and will contain full last names, up to a 16 character limit. The current system creates e-mail addresses using just the first four letters of a student’s last name. Current addresses will not be affected. When two last names are the same they will be followed by random two-digit numbers.
    Because the new format will allow a greater variety of names, old names will no longer be recycled after a student graduates or a faculty member retires. They will instead be maintained for College records.

    Bush to address Democrats near Williamsburg Saturday

    President Bush will address House Democrats at their retreat near Williamsburg on Saturday, the Daily Press reports. Some consider Bush’s address, which is not open to the public, to be a sign of the Democrats’ new power. Bill Clinton is also speaking at the event tonight.
    Student groups at the College are preparing to protest and support the event. A event group titled “Bush Bashing: Protesting an Escalation of the War in Iraq” plans to rally around the building where Bush is to speak. As of Thursday, 68 students said they would attend, while 180 said they might show up. The College Republicans are also recruiting students for “an event to welcome the President to Williamsburg.”
    The Daily Press reports that U.S. Capitol police were seen preparing the site Wednesday, and a county police spokesman speculated that the Secret Service might close down certain roads.


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