By the Numbers (Feb. 13, 2007)

    21 percent
    The proportion of professors at the College who are currently looking for another job, based on a new faculty survey. Still, 81 percent said they were either “very satisfied” or “moderately satisfied” with their job at the College.

    The number of donors who have specifically stated that they will no longer donate to the College due to the removal of the Wren Cross.

    16 million
    The number of accounts on, which is now open to anyone. claims it has 145 million accounts.

    1,281 percent
    The annual inflation rate in Zimbabwe, which has been over 1,000 percent since last April. The government has responded by declaring inflation illegal and threatening to arrest and punish anyone who increases wages or prices.

    The average starting salary of liberal arts majors nationwide. Business majors averaged $43,523 and chemical engineering majors got $60,054.


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