Diverse Class of 2011 applies in record numbers

    The College received a record 10,828 applicants for the class of 2011, up about 1 percent from last year’s record 10,727 applications.

    p. The number of in-state applicants and minorities rose, while the number of out-of-state applicants and students who have family connections to the College decreased slightly, Dean of Admissions Henry Broaddus said. This year, there were 4,331 in-state applicants, 6,497 out-of-state applicants, 2,179 minority applicants, and 273 legacy applicants. In addition, there were 3,908 male applicants and 6,920 female applicants; both numbers rose since last year.

    p. Broaddus said that the numbers could still change slightly. Broaddus said that he attributed the modest growth in the number of applicants and minorities in the applicant pool to the outreach programs conducted by the admissions office throughout the course of the year.

    p. “We are always pleased with increased diversity,” Broaddus said.

    p. More students applied regular decision this year, and the number of early decision applications decreased. Broaddus attributed this statistic to media scrutiny of early decisions programs at some top colleges last year. Harvard University, Princeton University and the University of Virginia announced that they would end their early admissions programs. As a result of the press coverage, Broaddus said that many families developed a “savvy consumer mentality” when applying to schools.

    p. Broaddus said he is pleased with this year’s applicant pool, saying that a bigger pool of applicants always results in a stronger pool of applicants.

    p. “All of the members of this staff work in earnest to reach more students in more effective ways and in more diverse communities than William and Mary has reached heretofore. Sometimes, often one family at a time, we feel the signs of progress. At this point in the year, we finally begin to see them,” he said.

    p. The end of February marks the conclusion of the heavy reading phase of applications in the admissions office. In March, admissions officers will move into committee to discuss specific applicants and eventually make a final decision. Admissions decisions will be sent out by April 1.


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