24 elected to Honor Council

    Yesterday, students voted for next year’s 24 members of the Undergraduate Honor Council. The Honor Council is comprised of eight members from each of the Classes of 2008, 2009 and 2010.
    Students were allowed to vote for up to eight candidates per class, regardless of their own class, and the eight candidates with the most votes in each class were elected to the council.

    p. From the 12 candidates of the Class of 2008, those elected to the council are Joseph Andrews, Sophie Broaddus, Dexter Bush-Scott, Judd Kennedy, Roshan Patel, Natalie Ronollo, Ayesha Shaukat and Matt Taylor.

    p. From the 20 candidates of the Class of 2009, those elected to the Council are Katie Adams, Rob Cottrell, Julie Dewberry, Will Eaton, Kyle Kearney, Ashley Poling, Kelley Quinn and Jon Sladky.

    p. From the 28 candidates of the Class of 2010, those elected to the Council are Christine Dang, Michael Castellano, Rory Eaton, Chase Hathaway, Dawson Lindauere, Kristen Pantazes, Bailey Thomson and Alexandra Whitehead.

    p. Elected Honor Council members will be sworn in within two weeks and will then sit concurrently with the present council members for 45 days for training purposes.

    p. The Honor Council conducts hearings and investigations of students accused of violating the Honor Code, a pledge students make upon entering the College. Cases involve accusations of lying, cheating and stealing.

    p. The College’s honor code is the oldest in the country. Voting was conducted over the Student Information Network. Detailed election results are available on sin.wm.edu.


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