Baskin-Robbins undergoing repairs, to open March 20

    p. Renovations of the Baskin-Robbins in Merchants Square continue, two and a half months after the Dec. 2006 fire that also affected The Peanut Shop and Blue Talon Bistro. If all goes as planned, the ice cream parlor will re-open in late March.

    p. The successful reopening of The Peanut Shop yesterday is encouraging, Director of Commercial Properties for Merchants Square Association Marian Ashton said. Business at the Blue Talon Bistro will resume March 10, during the College’s spring break. And, “Baskin-Robbins is being renovated as we speak,” Ashton said, adding that construction workers are currently working on the shop’s walls and plumbing.

    Ashton attributes the varying reopening dates to the damage done to each location. “Damage was most extensive at Baskin-Robbins,” Ashton said, explaining that the other two suffered mostly smoke and water damage. If construction goes as planned, Baskin-Robbins will reopen March 20.

    p. The cause of the fire may never be known. The only certainty is that the fire started outside, Ashton explained. “If there is a good side to [the fire], it didn’t happen in the middle of summer,” when Baskin-Robbins sees the most business. “Plus, it happened early in the morning so no one got hurt,” Ashton said.


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