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    **McSpinoff in the works**

    p. Initially hated by Mere-Dere fans for keeping the destined-to-be-together-forever “Grey’s Anatomy” couple apart, Kate Walsh’s Addison Montgomery quickly became a show sweetheart. ‘Grey’s’ creator Shonda Rhimes is in talks with Walsh to create a spinoff that would center on Dr. Montgomery. Plans are still vague: no decision has been made on where the show will even be set. Whatever the outcome, let’s hope Addison can hold our interest without being so dark and twisty.

    p. **Britney’s prerogative**

    p. She did it again — for the third time within a week, newly bald Britney Spears has checked into rehab. She enrolled one more time at the Promise Malibu Treatment Center, which specializes in drug and alcohol abuse, in a 30-45 day program — a little far-fetched, considering her first two rehab stints were both less than 24 hours each. This comes right as her court date to contest K-Fed’s custody petition approaches. Who knew “Lucky” was such a prophecy?

    p. **Drunk much?**

    p. Crazy cool Paula Abdul continues to deny rumors that she regularly attends interviews and work drunk, going as far as to claim she’s never been drunk in her life. She was surely straight up when she filmed clips that surfaced on the internet that showed her squirming in her seat and slurring her words. According to the “American Idol” judge, she has never been drunk or done recreational drugs, a claim ‘Idol’ executive producer Nigel Lythgoe confirms.

    p. **Bitter Kim bashes Eminem**

    p. Always classy Eminem has reacted to comments his ex-wife made last week about the star. Kim Mathers discussed intimate details of the couple’s relationship, saying “he’s not very well-endowed” and that the sex was “bad.” Eminem responded, saying “It’s a shame that I’ve moved on and Kim hasn’t. Her ongoing press campaign is doing nothing but harm to the children, and for that I feel truly sorry.”


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