Clean & Clear searches for promotional talent

    This Thursday, the Starbucks Cafe at the College’s Barnes & Noble bookstore will be transformed into a Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cafe for a two-day promotional event. Clean & Clear, a line of dermatology products owned by Johnson & Johnson, is celebrating the launch of its new take on the popular Morning Burst Line and, to promote it, representatives are visiting 12 colleges across the nation to collect interesting morning-routine stories from college students.

    p. “The product was developed with consumer insight … college students love the Morning Burst line, because it helps them wake up and feel more energized,” said Jean Rauch, the Senior Consumer Promotion Manager for Clean & Clear. “The new line features new fragrance upgrades and more natural ingredients.”

    p. As part of their promotion campaign, Clean & Clear is giving away free coffee and samples of its products, as well as asking college students to share interesting morning stories. The videos will then be posted on After collecting videos from all 12 schools, a $150 cash prize will be given to the student whose video has been viewed the most times at each school. These 12 winners will then go on to compete against each other for a $1,000 cash prize. As an additional bonus, the best videos will be edited and put together into an advertising campaign for the new Clean & Clear line.

    p. “[We chose the College] because it has a great location, it’s a great size and the caliber of the students is solid,” Rauch said. “We’ve had terrific success so far; students are really embracing the product, and saying that it helps them wake up.”

    p. Senior Kellyn Johnson, a campus representative for Clean & Clear, said that the experience should be a good one for students at the College. “This is an amazing opportunity for William and Mary students. No one ever comes to our campus. We exist on the fringes of university life, so it’s a cool opportunity for William and Mary students to be included, even with us being such a small university”

    p. Senior Priyanka Raj Tandon, also a campus representative, agreed. “I think it’s an excellent opportunity for students to sample the product without having to spend money.”


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