By the Numbers (Feb. 23, 2007)

    **41 percent**
    The percentage of Americans who believe in extra sensory perception, or ESP, according to a June 2005 Gallup poll of 1,002 adults. The proportion is down from 50 percent in 2001.

    p. **11 percent **
    The proportion of college textbooks purchased online, according to a 2006 survey by the Follett Higher Education Group, which runs more than 750 college stores. 19 percent of students surveyed said they had bought at least one book online that year.

    p. **$42.3 million **
    The estimated cost of both the Integrated Science Center currently under construction and the renovation of Rogers Hall. The project is scheduled to be completed by Jan. 2008.

    p. **400**
    The number of U.S. colleges at which Aramark provides dining services, according to the company. Aramark runs the dining halls on campus.

    p. **$582,900**
    The preliminary Student Assembly budget for the next fiscal year, amounting to slightly over $100 per undergraduate student.


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