College waits on Vista upgrade

    Microsoft Windows recently released a new operating system, Windows Vista, which boasts features to increase safety and efficiency in Windows programs.

    p. The operating system, released earlier this year, comes with a new version of Microsoft Office called Office 2007, according to

    p. The operating system is incompatible with some earlier Windows applications, causing complications during the switch from older editions of Microsoft to the Vista operating system.

    p. Chris Ward, director of the technology support center at the College, said that as of now “we are not recommending students or faculty [and] staff upgrade their current computers to Vista.”

    p. However, a new myNotebook model will be released between May and June of this year, and the model will come with the Vista operating system, according to Ward.

    p. According to the College IT website, Vista is expected to be available in public computer labs for the 2007-2008 academic year.

    p. Incoming freshmen in the class of 2011 will have the option of purchasing laptop notebooks with the Windows Vista operating system.

    p. “We are currently testing applications to identify any compatibility issues so we can fix them before deployment,” Ward said.

    p. Ward, however, said that IT does not “anticipate any major problems” upon the debut of Vista on campus.


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