By The Numbers (March 3)

    **48 percent**
    The increase in the number of motor vehicles registered in Virginia during the decade between 1995 and 2005, according to the Daily Press. At the same time, the proportion of Virginians with a driver’s license fell slightly.

    p. **66 percent**
    The proportion of international relations professors in the U.S. and Canada who think East Asia will be the most strategically important region in 20 years, according to a survey conducted by professors at the College. Most IR professors say the Middle East is currently the most important region.

    p. **150 percent**
    The increase in office workers’ typing output when a building’s temperature is turned up from 68 to 77 degrees, according to a Cornell University study. The study also found that typing errors fell by 44 percent in the warmer setting.

    p. **60 percent**
    The proportion of evenly matched sports competitions won by the competitor wearing red, according to a study done at the University of Durham. The researchers believe that the color may subconsciously intimidate opponents.

    p. **8 to 10 mpg**
    Gas mileage estimate for the GM Hummer most commonly given by dealers, according to a 2003 CBS report. GM estimates are two mpg higher.


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