This Week in Flat Hat History (March 6)

    After only 244 out of 700 men passed all of their February academic course work, the College enacted stricter requirements to help reduce the number of failures. Freshmen who failed would be required to attend 10 nights of supervised study hall. Delinquent sophomores, juniors and seniors whose names appeared twice on failing lists in a semester would be automatically separated from the College. Copies of the failing list were sent to faculty to encourage staff to give special attention to the failing students.

    p. **1967**
    The men’s tennis team had to make daily trips to Ft. Eustis to practice. The old tennis courts were torn down to make room for an addition to Phi Beta Kappa Hall, but the College failed to maintain the courts designated for team practice.

    p. **1975**
    RAs and the Commons Manager organized a campaign to return stolen utensils from campus cafeterias. The Commons estimated that 3,600 glasses, 2,400 plates and 4,200 pieces of silverware had disappeared. The RA who started the campaign, estimated that it cost the Commons Dining Hall $10,000 a year to replace stolen utensils.

    p. **1985**
    The Kappa Delta sorority was closed because of low recruitment numbers. The president of Kappa Delta said that half of the members graduated and the number of incoming pledges for the current year was 10. The College had a pledge quota of 34. The sorority planned to reorganize the following year.


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