By the Numbers (March 23)

    **186 percent**
    The increase in textbook prices since 1986, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office. Since 1986 the price of the average consumer good has risen just 72 percent, while the cost of college tuition and fees has gone up 240 percent.

    p. **1150**
    The average SAT score of Tribe athletes. The score has been increasing over the last few years, according to a Feb. 2006 College athletic report.

    p. **23.5 minutes**
    The average amount of face-to-face socializing time that a person gives up for one hour of internet use, according to a 2001 Stanford study on the effects of technology on social contact.

    p. **91**
    The number of times that Sacha Baron Cohen, as Borat, was stopped by police during the filming of his movie, according to online movie database

    p. **$300,000**
    The cost of renting the country of Liechtenstein for a night, according to the Times of London. The tiny, wealthy country participates in the “Rent a Village” project, which allows corporations to rent it for conventions.


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