Staff Editorial: A farewell to Flat Hat

Every year since 1911, as old staff members graduate or move on to different pursuits, The Flat Hat has selected a new staff of editors. In my last issue as editor-in-chief, I’d like to use this space to reflect on everything that has happened at the paper in the past year, and give a few brief words of thanks to everyone who has made the paper such a success this year.

p. This has been a momentous year for The Flat Hat, full of difficult challenges and historic firsts. It began with a bang, when we took the lead in uncovering a series of plagiarized articles by blogger and former Flat Hat writer Ben Domenech.

p. Since that first week, we’ve broken the news of the Wren cross removal and the underreporting of campus crime statistics. We updated the paper’s look, with a new InSight page and improved layout across all sections. A brand new website at has made the paper easier to read online. Our ad sales are the strongest they have been in recent memory, and our budget is balanced. Finally, our biggest achievement has been the move to twice weekly publication, allowing us to bring you the news as soon as it breaks.

p. Fortunately, The Flat Hat staff for the next year is one of the most experienced we have ever had. All but two of our talented staff members will be returning for another year. We’re lucky enough to have Joe Kane, who has revitalized his section since he took over earlier this school year, return as opinions editor.

p. Jonathan Seiden and Alex Haglund, who took so many great pictures this year for all of the sections and helped improve the look of every page, will stay on as photography editors and Taylor Martindale will continue to analyze every comma and clause in the paper as she supervises the copy department. Patrick Bisceglia, responsible for our recent uptick in ad sales, will continue bringing in revenue so we can pay the bills. Managing editor and resident Flat Hat mother Ashley Baird will continue on at her position.

p. Recently returned from China, former sports editor Chris Adams will bring his eye for detail and love of grammar to the role of copy chief.

p. Conor McKay, who has spent the last year gaining experience as the associate reviews editor, will take over as the editor of the section. He will be taking the place of the Alice Hahn, former reviews editor, InDesign expert and fabulous chronicler of all the Hollywood Gossip, who is stepping up to take charge of the variety section. Louis Malick, our talented sports editor responsible for the section’s new place on the color back page and the consistent high quality of our sports coverage, will be leaving to spend more time with his other interests.

p. Taking his place will be Jeff Dooley, the former associate sports editor, who is bringing his strong sports background and dedication to the paper to the sports page. Chase Johnson, who ran variety this year where he designed some of our most interesting and innovative layouts, will take on a supervisory role as executive editor of the paper. Former associate news editors Austin Wright and Brian Mahoney, who expertly handled the late nights and unexpected stories as associates, have signed up for another year and will be running the news section as co-editors.

p. Another dedicated former news staffer, Maxim Lott, will coordinate coverage as the new assignment editor. Max Fisher, who as our former executive editor handled everything from delivery to online to page edits to firing people, will stay on to pioneer the new position of chief staff writer. Finally, former news editor Andy Zahn will be the new editor-in-chief of The Flat Hat. His encyclopedic knowledge of the news and his immense experience at the paper, from his first article in August of his freshman year to expert management of the news section this year, make him the ideal person to guide the paper during the coming year.

p. My time at the paper has been one of my proudest achievements, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people. I truly believe that I could not be leaving the paper in more capable hands. I wish everyone the best of luck, on the paper and in everything you do. It’s been an honor to work with you all.

__Josh Pinkerton, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief__


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