‘Thank You for Smoking’ author Christopher Buckley to speak at PBK

    To a school whose most famed alumni celebrities include political satirist Jon Stewart, UCAB’s Contemporary and Cultural Issues Committee brings the author of “Thank You for Smoking,” Christopher Buckley. The writer will speak Tuesday, April 3 at 8 p.m. in Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall about his time in Washington, D.C., the writing process and his new book “Boomsday.” Suiting the political interests of many college-aged students, Buckley’s lecture is expected to be highly satirical.

    p. In addition to authoring the novel on which the Golden Globe nominated “Thank You for Smoking” was based, Buckley also served as managing editor of Esquire magazine until 1989 when he started the magazine Forbes FYI, of which he has been editor-in-chief ever since.

    p. Buckley also served as chief speechwriter for Vice President George H.W. Bush, an experience that inspired “The White House Mess,” his satirical novel on White House politics. The author’s time in Washington, D.C. as a part of the political scene largely fueled the subject matter for his 11 books, which include national best-sellers “God Is My Broker” and “Little Green Men.”

    p. Buckley will soon have two films based on his novels, as his 2002 book “Little Green Men” has also been adapted into a screen-play for a movie to be released in 2008. “Little Green Men,” features the host of a Sunday morning news analysis program who is twice abducted by aliens.

    p. According to UCAB’s Contemporary and Cultural Issues Committee, Buckley’s agent contacted them about visiting. His agent also said that Buckley is excited to come, knowing that the crowd will be educated and interested in politics.

    p. Following the lecture will be a question and answer session with the author, after which 100 randomly selected students will be invited to attend a reception in the Dodge Room. The reception is sponsored by UCAB and Earl Gregg Swem Library. The event will be free, as the funding comes from the University Center and student activity fees that go through the Student Assembly.

    p. Tickets are now available at the University Center information desk. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.


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