This Week in Flat Hat History (March 30)

    Dr. J.A.C. Chandler, former president of the College, chose to abolish the student activities fee, citing issues with how to allocate the funds. Most of the problems dealt with funding for publication organizations, since many group leaders were unwilling to work without pay.

    p. **1969**
    A list of approximately 400 students’ names that allegedly used marijuana on campus was found to be false, according to narcotics agents that investigated the issue after the report was filed. Several faculty in the Dean of Students office denied that a list ever existed, but an informer for The Flat Hat reported that drug investigations were made to keep track of the prevalence of drug usage at the College.

    p. **1981**
    New elections for senior class president and vice president were ordered after the Student Association Council’s Election Committee voided the results because of potential fraud. The committee determined that as many as 10 ballots were given to ineligible voters.
    Laurie Brewer, who won by a margin of two votes, contested the new election.

    p. **2000**
    Lynn Garland, a College ballroom dance club instructor, was shot and killed by her fiance in what local police called a murder-suicide. Police found no motive, nor was there evidence of forced entry that suggested the involvement of a third person.


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