This Week in Flat Hat History (April 3)

    The College’s aeronautics department completed what the United States Department of Commerce Aeronautics branch rated as one of America’s largest air markers painted on the roofs of Old Dominion and Monroe Halls, each 225 feet in length. The markers were painted with standard colors: chrome yellow characters on a black background.

    p. **1977**
    Campus Police announced that they were going to begin harsher enforcement of bike violations on campus. After numerous complaints from automobile drivers about cyclists causing traffic problems, the police decided that stricter enforcement was in order. Prior to the complaints, police attempted to educate violators.

    p. **1984**
    Campus Police evacuated Blair Hall after someone called in a bomb threat. Police found an inert practice grenade on the second floor. They did not find any other bomb paraphernalia. A college secretary received a phone call from an individual who said they were with the Palestine Support group and had placed a bomb near the vending machines. Another secretary found the practice grenade underneath a soda machine.

    p. **1999**
    The national executive board revoked Kappa Sigma’s charter at the College. Kappa Sigma was under investigation by the College for $4,000 of damage incurred at their house, Unit H. Police discovered extensive damage to ceiling tiles, smoke detectors and heat detectors.


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