News in Brief (April 3)

    **Muscarelle wants to raise $1 million**
    According to William and Mary News, the Muscarelle Museum of Art is trying to raise $1 million for an endowment for special exhibitions. Members of its board of directors are pledging to donate 50 percent of the funds if supporters provide the other half.

    p. __By Austin Wright__

    p. **County makes up for public school budget shortage**
    According to The Daily Press, James City County plans to keep tax rates steady for its citizens. However, the county’s budget then shows the Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools’ budget falling short by $1.75 million.

    p. In order to make up revenues, and unable to raise retail cigarette taxes, the County has been forced to raise rezoning fees, emergency medical services, traffic violations,etc.

    p. __By Josh Barr__


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